Status and development trend of foreign rubber hose industry

Hose this rubber product began at the beginning of the last century, to weave material as a hose reinforcement structure, at the beginning is the use of vertical braiding machine to yarn braiding on the hose to implement the reinforcement, and steel wire reinforcement began in the twenties of this century, to horizontal braiding machine 15-18m long steel core on the production of steel wire reinforced rubber hose. The emergence of hydraulic braking devices for automobiles in the mid-thirties, as well as the forties and fifties machine tools, construction equipment, underground mining, oil extraction and other equipment on the emergence of hydraulic devices and offshore oil development, the rapid expansion of the hose market, so that the hose industry has gained rapid development. According to statistics, in 1997, Europe's hose production has reached 240,000 tons, North America's hose production of 130,000 tons, while Japan's hose production in 1998 is 28,000,000 standard meters, China's hose production is 10,000,000 standard meters. Looking at the world, the current hose industry into a period of low growth, the market tends to be saturated, the hose industry to further rationalization and reform, opportunities and challenges exist.

Foreign hose industry production capacity is known, the development of foreign hose industry and automotive, machine tools, construction industry, underground mining, oil extraction and offshore oil drilling has a close link, hose as the above-mentioned industry accessories have shown a strong vitality, but also bred a number of famous hose manufacturing enterprises