What is PPH pipe and what about it?

There are many different types of pipes and many people are not sure about some of the terms for pipes, such as PPR and PPH, but PPR may know more than PPH pipes, but some people may wonder what PPH pipes are. What about PPH pipes? Here's a quick introduction.

What is PPH pipe?

Simply put, PPH pipe (Polyproplyene-Homo homopolymer polypropylene pipe alloy polypropylene pipe) is a beta modification of ordinary PP material, so that it has a uniform and delicate Beta crystal structure, with good chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, good insulation, high temperature resistance, working temperature can reach 100 ℃, non-toxic, light quality, easy to transport and installation, which is a more than PP pipe is resistant to high temperature, corrosion and ageing and is a high quality product.

What about PPH pipes?

PPH pipes and fittings are produced in accordance with German DIN 8077/78 standards.

PPH pipe material characteristics

Chemical resistance ----- Of all polypropylene pipes, (beta)-PPH pipes are experimentally proven to be highly resistant to chemicals.

Long life -----Beta-(beta)-PPH pipes offer a longer service life and higher system reliability.

Impact strength ----- Compared to conventional (alpha)-PPH pipes, (beta)-PPH pipes have a significant low temperature impact strength.

Temperature resistance ----- Depending on the actual application, (beta)-PP-H pipes are suitable for temperatures ranging from -20°C to +110°C.

Pressure resistance ----- Of all the polypropylene materials used in piping systems, (beta)-PPH pipes have a high pressure resistance (MRS10).

The high performance of ----- (beta)-PP-H pipes, the flexible welding equipment and the professional technical support team not only guarantee the quality of the welded installation of (beta)-PP-H pipe systems, but also offer customised processing of non-standard products on request.