Analysis of the production materials, properties and uses of plastic hoses

Plastic hose is an advanced transparent material, its light transmission is better than inorganic glass, visible light transmission is more than 92%, ultraviolet light transmission is up to 73%, refractive index is 1.491, relative density is 1.19, half lighter than the general inorganic glass. Transparent plastic hoses: wavy inside and out. What is the material of the plastic hose? Plastic hose is a new type of pore-forming material, made of synthetic resin and additives melted into shape. The plastic hose has good resistance to strong solvents and strong acid and alkali media. Features of the plastic hose: polyester polyurethane hose with shockproof rigid straight PVC spiral reinforcement. Completely smooth and seamless inner wall to ensure smooth material transfer, chemical, UV, ozone and ageing resistance.