How to connect PE water pipes?

PE (polyethylene) material is widely used in the manufacture of water pipes due to its high strength, corrosion resistance and non-toxicity. So PE water supply pipes are rapidly being utilised, the use of pipes will certainly be connected, because the pipes are cut off one by one, to be long can only be connected, PE water supply pipes how to connect it? The following will introduce some PE water supply pipe connection methods for your reference.

PE water supply pipe how to connect?
There are many ways to connect PE pipes to pipes, pipes to PE pipes, pipes to fittings, and PE pipes to metal pipes. Different connection methods have their own advantages and limitations, and users can choose the right connection method according to the pipe diameter, working pressure, place of use and other environments. The common connection methods of PE pipes for urban water supply are: hot fusion connection, electric fusion connection, socket type flexible connection, flange connection, steel-plastic transition joint connection, etc.

PE water supply pipe connection method of hot fusion connection
How are PE water pipes connected? It is common to use heat to do so. Hot melt connections are made by using special heating tools to heat the part of the PE pipe or fitting to be connected under pressure, so that it melts and then removes the heating tool and applies pressure to connect the two molten surfaces together, keeping them under steady pressure for a period of time until the joint cools. Hot melt connections include hot melt butt connections, hot melt socket connections and hot melt saddle connections.

PE water pipe connection method of electrofusion connection
Secondly, most PE water pipes are connected using the principle of heat, electrofusion connection method is simply this reason, electrofusion connection is a special electric fusion pipe fittings with embedded resistance wire and PE pipe or pipe fittings in close contact with the connection part of the electricity, PE pipe through the buried resistance wire heating the connection part, so that it is molten together until the joint cools. Electrofusion connections can be used to connect PE pipe or socket fittings with different types and melt flow rates. Electrofusion connections are divided into electrofusion socket connections and electrofusion saddle connections.