How to construct PE water supply pipe?Common sense of PE water supply pipe construction

Speaking of PE pipe, we must be unfamiliar, PE pipe is a new research and production of a pipe, it is characterized by strong toughness, corrosion resistance, light texture, and relatively resistant to impact performance. Because of its practicality and relatively low cost of construction, it has been developed relatively quickly for use in modern engineering. Although with the continuous maturity of construction technology, the construction of the unit is also improving, but because the pe pipe is now used for fewer years, if the construction is likely to be due to the choice of materials, the lack of knowledge of the material, will cause problems with the quality of the project. Therefore, before the construction of the material to understand the understanding of the nudge. For PE water pipe construction, PE water pipe construction common sense is the basis, including transportation, inspection, connection, which are important steps, in addition to PE water pipe applicable to which range or need to know, it mainly has the following.

1, urban water supply: PE pipe has the first comprehensive advantages of health, construction and convenience, has become the ideal pipe for urban water supply.
2, natural gas, gas transmission: PVC due to PE pipe connection reliable, stable performance, easy construction, corrosion resistance and a series of advantages, become a good choice for low and medium pressure natural gas transmission pipeline.
3、Replacement of cement pipes, cast iron pipes and steel pipes: for the city's original laying of ra cement pipes, cast iron pipes and other old pipe re-election, PE pipes can be directly inserted into the old pipes for replacement without extensive excavation, with low project cost and short construction time, especially for the re-election of pipelines in old urban areas.
4, municipal non-excavation project: At present, with the development of the city, non-excavation technology is widely used in various construction, and in the non-excavation plant commonly used pipe jacking (dragging pipe, traction pipe) is more popular with PE pipe, for its toughness and price advantage, in the field of non-excavation will be greater development.
5、Wastewater treatment: At present, many sewage treatment plants in addition to cement pipe and HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe in the construction of PE pipe, in the actual construction, PE pipe with mouth diameter flow better than other pipes, and in complex environments such as turning, crossing the road and other construction, its convenience is outstanding.
6, power threading: due to the superior resistance and insulation performance of PE pipe, coupled with its own strong resistance to pressure and good pull-up force, currently in many power threading construction, often used.